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A TRS Tradition: Free Holiday Gift Membership
Give a free gift membership to an eligible friend, family member or colleague.
It is a free six-month membership. There is no cost to you or the person you sponsor.
There is no obligation for them to continue after the six-month period.
Be sure that the people you sponsor are eligible to join.
Please get their approval before sponsoring them.
Please provide the person's name, postal address, email address and the name of the TRS school (s). We will send each person a gift email.
Sponsor as many people as you like!
We have had gift members who have their partners in TRS. This may be a very important gift.

An Excellent Article about Online Dating
We are delighted to read an article about dating that squares with what we have learned from our members over the years.
One observation: online dating does too much filtering. Those lists of traits and "must haves and must avoids" are useful
if we are good at knowing what we want in a mate. It turns out that most of us are not very good at knowing what we want.

Another observation: less information is likely better than more. In one experiment, people were given little information and a blurred photo. They had better "dating satisfaction" then those who were given more information.
"How to Make Online Dating Work" by Ansari and Klinenberg is a good read.

New Additions to the Gallery..
Don't miss M13839's garden. He states "My task as a gardener is largely to not spoil the natural beauty I have been fortunate to have been given here". Curious, aren't you? Don't miss a very compelling painting by F51055, "Cloaked in Greenery". You almost met Sophia in the pet gallery but her mistress is on hold while she explores a relationship.

Special Interest
Policy wonks: The time is right for lively discussions
Love to sing? Time to find someone to harmonize with
Love to Dance? Find a dance partner
Love foreign languages? Find a kindred spirit
Gourmet Cooks and Foodies: A natural pairing
Become a Culture Critic: What are your must see cultural events:
Skiers: Downhill, X-country, Snowboarders: Find a companion for your winter ski trip.. or just find folks to rendezvous with. Post your ski trip at travel companions…. Don't wait for winter
Passionate about museums
Interested in Long Distance Love? Also posted for all the romantics

A Little Advice about Photos
We suggest that you avoid your passport photos or driver's license photos.
If you send a group shot, please identify yourself.. We customarily crop such photos.
If you find yourself resorting to a photo you don't like, please send us one you do like and we will scan it. If you want it back, include a SSAE.

The TRS Manners Department
In TRS, you are expected to acknowledge every communication with a polite response.
The following may help you: "Thank you for contacting me. It is always flattering to receive an inquiry. I'm not sure that we have much in common. I'd prefer not to pursue this at this time."
Feel free to report to the manners police those who do not respond.

Happy Autumn.   Dawne
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